The Eagle's Journey

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The eagle's journey by Carlos Martiez

True reality can only be found in the present, since the mind creates its own reality, but true perception is in the here and now, only in this moment, only in this place, but not in any other place that implies the time one can be so close to the world's reality, to the universe, to life, only in this immediate present does the truth of "everything" exist, and the rest is no more than "nothing".

The novel offers the reader an easy to relate story about self discovery. Some questions may rise and some answers may be given by this accessible and yet profound narrated chain of events. At first it would seem that things are presented in a naive manner but shortly it is proven to the reader that following the path of the Eagle's Journey might be, if understood at a deeper level, the best choice to make in one's life.

The story starts when two men go in the wilderness to observe an eagle. Their trip becomes a journey of self-discovery. Peter is an old wise man who tries to show David that in some way there is a resemblance between him and the eagle. Their first trip ends only to be followed by several others at the site. During this time both David and the eagle go through a journey of self improvement.

The easiest way to be aware of the surrounding reality is through senses and thought. Understanding the meaning and using a language to express ideas gives us power over ourselves and others. However the power of thought when wielded without a sense of control can lead to unwanted effects.

Being present in the present is a task that seems difficult at first for David until he understands that the easiest way to live and experience the reality is by living in the "here and now". In theory it's easy to accomplish this but he has some childhood issues that need attention and he goes to a professional psychiatrist to help him.

But how can anyone reach this connection to the present moment? Silence. The inner silence is the key to connect to everything that surrounds us. Our thoughts are our best servants but they can also be our strongest enemies. Can we control them or do they control us? Can we silence our minds to allow ourselves the clarity that the nothingness can offer?

After struggles with the habits and prejudices that rooted inside human mind for years due to the various environments that offered an education and thus a metamorphosis from the freely minded child into a socially accepted adult, can anyone be truly free? Completely thought-silenced? One with the flow of life itself?

David finds on the path of the eagle his own path. He becomes the journey of his own life. He understands the reality from a different perspective after confronting his inner self in the psychiatrist's office and after each of his returns to the place where the eagle shows him a path of self improvement. Therefore he realizes that his journey is one of a better life and acts upon it patiently.

The spiritual journey the reader is invited to make is accompanied by the main characters of the novel all along which allows the author, Carlos Martinez, to share with the public some life changing philosophies and ideas that have a great impact and challenge the readers.

The Author

The eagle's journey by Carlos Martiez

Carlos Martinez Robalino was born in Riobamba, Ecuador, in 1971. Having a tendency towards literary arts, he won at an early age a poetry contest titled "El nino vendedor de peridicos", translated "The Boy Who Sold Newspapers".

In 1986, at age 15, he starts writing musical pieces, his portfolio counting over 100, of which eight registered on vinyl and CD. Carlos derives joy from music, movies and writing, three forms in which he constantly communicates and shares his experiences. Raised in the generous soil of Latin America, Carlos is passionate about nature, being a devoted ecologist, fighting to stop deforestation, which, he truly believes disrupts the planet's ecosystem.

Besides his great pleasures, music, movies and writing, Carlos finds fulfillment in travelling, having visited many places in Europe and North America, as it offers him a fresh perspective, inspiration and amazement in front of nature's beauty. Carlos is empowered by the quote "When I am, I don't think; When I think, I am not here".


Day 7


We were now at the seventh day of this experience, and at last we had reached the rocky ditch, after an extensive trek along a path, that as we went up, it became more and more rocky and narrow, taking us away from the initial path. Despite this, it was as if nothing had started. Nothing. I kept asking myself, what was I doing in this moor, which we had reached, and me, exhausted, freezing cold, with the wind that wouldn't stop blowing, furiously, fearlessly as if it were up against the world and we were its prize. At some point along the path, Peter said, he who insults the wind insults himself. I didn't say a thing and I tried to be as calm as possible. After a while, as if understanding my purpose, Peter smiled pointing to the leaves, the twigs, saying that we had to learn from them, unavoidable friends of the wind. "Unavoidable" is what he said. And he added, upon taking some steps, some arduous steps up the slope "that the leaves, the twigs and even the grass had a responsibility to this friendship. This is why they are unavoidable to the wind, until the ultimate consequences. I became quiet, I was tired, worried and to add to it the wind and the dust that didn't let me see, the clouds, getting thicker and darker, announcing one of those storms that you feel like being at home, in bed, rolled up in blankets, really warm. Peter stood against the wind and as if knowing what was happening to me, told me the place where we were. At last, I said to myself, at last this hike has ended! I stopped going round, fighting off the wind. I stood still; breathed deeply. Standing in the ditch which we had reached we could see the moor where we would set up camp; it looked intriguing, as if everything and the wind itself left its footprint to reveal itself in this immense green that didn't stop stirring and involving this new landscape, so full of life with its long and restless stream zigzagging like the very devil's tail. From the moor I could see a huge stone barrier that ascended from the esplanade where we were standing, with its plants growing from the rock unions, and just like that, facing the sunlight, nurtured from the humidity that flows from there. How wonderful! -I thought to myself "as if everything could be in agreement and be everything, as if everything followed its own path, and every path belonged to everything! I was absorbed just being there, when Peter told me that it was exactly here where, what we came to see happens, and something in me knew that this was so. At once, we started to put the cameras in strategic places to capture all the action, but maintaining a careful distance. We put a camera on top of a large tree full of branches. And when I say "we put" I mean to say Peter climbed up the large trunk and put it there. This man looks like a monkey- I thought " subdued by the lightness of his movements. Peter indicated to put a couple of cameras tied to the smaller trees, and that I put another one between two big rocks. It was by no means an easy feat for me, with the wind at my face and then having it on my back.


"The Eagle's Journey is the story of a man who manages to find his way towards happiness. Learning from the hardships that the wilderness has shown him, he reaches fulfillment.The author offers the reader the opportunity to learn the secret of a better life - the grace of being in the here and now."

~ Bogdan Vosloban - Freelance Journalist & Owner of Ned32News


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